Tuesday, August 9, 2011

IJC Study Group Meeting August 3, 2011 - Review

Well last week the International Joint Commission rode into Collingwood and held their public hearing on declining Lake Levels. A sincere thank you to everyone that came out! You were over 200!Phenomenal and you sent a powerful message to the IJC.

Unfortunately, the Study Group instead of presenting with clear facts and science, (calling a spade a spade), they chose a different route.

Through gross exaggeration, omissions and selective facts they tried to convince the audience of the futility of pursuing a real potential long-term solution to the St. Clair River outflow.

Two quick examples should illustrate the above.

First, they claimed that putting submerged generators into the river to slow the outflow would greatly harm the Sturgeon which is a protected species.This is nonsense as experts explain that large fish simply swim around such obstacles, and small fish pass through without harm. In comparison, their misguided concern is all the more misleading when they choose not to mention that Georgian Bay has already lost 20-40% of it's
wetlands, where 80% of Lake Huron's fish species spawn. It will get even more devastating with further declines.

Second, the Study Board's final report last year acknowledged that in fact, the St.Clair River outflow had increased by 5.8 %, and that is a major factor in Michigan/Huron Lake level decline. This Lake level has been at or near chart datum since 1999, a level at which the IJC Report back in 1993 stated that if that situation occurred for more than 2-3 years, immediate remediation be taken up to avoid disastrous impacts on the Lake's ecology.

All of this critical information was omitted from the Study Group's presentation, to downplay it's obvious importance to the issue. 

There are many other examples of selective presentation that further tarnish their credibility. Fortunately, it was obvious that not only was the audience not swayed of their story,but in fact they appeared insulted and frustrated that this Study Group could be so cavalier with the truth.

This clearly had a significant impact on the Group and I believe it was a small but important victory in a long war.

The cause is critical to our ecology and our local economy, and it is vital that you get involved! The battle will get political. Fortunately, the Mayors and Council of both Wasaga Beach and Collingwood showed their support at this meeting. 

You need to carry the message far and wide starting now. This next year will be the "Year of the Decision to Save our Lakes".

We can make the Decision...YES!!!! For more information contact The Sierra Club Ontario website. ==> http://www.sierraclub.org/greatlakes/ 

You can also reach me at tel 705 443 8684. or "snowyjoe@rogers.com"

Thank You for your support!!!

Joe Hayward

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